Increase 3x your Brand on-site conversions and sales by showing your customers the only thing they want to know: how your product looks like in the REAL WORLD and its best features

The world is screaming for real and honest content

Boughthis is the best way to have real content from real people through the most powerful tool: Product Testimonials  

So what are these Testimonials?

Unlike reviews, Testimonials are a more detailed and in-depth story about the customer’s experience using the product or service, why they chose it and how it improved their lives. They’re much more impactful in very less quantities than reviews and they can be used on the brand’s website, in commercials, brochures, promotional materials and digital campaigns.

Product Testimonials are low produced short videos that show how a product looks like in the REAL WORLD and what our trustable Content Creators offer to Emerging Brands thanks to their product expertise.

Customers want to know how a product looks like in the REAL WORLD.

Emerging Brands need to get easy access to impactful tools that help them increase online sales.


Content Creators are desperate to monetize all the knowledge they have about the product category they work with.

For Content Creators

Finally a way to monetize the product expertise you’ve developed as a content creator and get paid for showing how a product looks like in the REAL WORLD

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