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After all this time as a content creator you’re already a product expert. Beyond how many followers you may have, it’s time to monetize your expertise in a way only you can do it. Get connected with the most interesting emerging brands and get paid for your real and honest products testimonials. Start building your portfolio of testimonials for free and be ready to get the most out of your work


Monetize your Expertise

Start monetizing the product or category expertise you’ve developed thanks to the content creation you’ve been doing in a specific industry


Save Time & Money

Focus your content in usages testimonials that highlight product features according to your expertise. Less focus in content production and more in real value


High Value Community

Build a community around your expertise and provide them with real value, paying less attention to IG followers and algorithm

How does it work?

Be part of the first group of content creators that are getting paid for their product expertise throughout product testimonials. At this moment Boughthis has more than 100 Emerging Brands waiting to connect with you, and we are already managing Testimonials Campaigns for a lot of them. 

Get started by registering in our Testimonials repository, posting your 2-3min low produced/homemade product testimonials focusing on one product at the time and calling your followers to check it out. The more Testimonials you share the more chances you will have to participate in any of the testimonials campaigns we are already working on.

It’s so easy, just focus on the product characteristics that you know how to evaluate and be honest and real. We will be reaching out to you as soon as possible so you can start monetizing your content right away!

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