For Emerging Brands

In our platform there are a lot of content creators with a deep product expertise in your specific industry so they will give you a high-value feedback to your products through usage testimonials which will serve both as high impact content in your digital campaigns increasing your conversion rates and as the most powerful tool for ideal-customer discovery that will allow you to target your campaigns and communications with a “high-power laser” focus thanks to their niche-specific profiles and audiences 


Save Time

We’ll manage your Testimonials Campaigns by connecting you with tailored content creators which satisfy your specific product needs within your industry 


Save Money

66% of Global Shoppers are more likely to buy a product if it has REAL usage testimonials from REAL customers, so increase your conversion rates and ROI through Testimonials Campaigns 


Customer Discovery

Stop targeting your influencers campaigns with IG metrics like demographics and followers and start getting a deep knowledge of who your ideal customer is and learning exactly how to talk to them

How does it work?

At the moment Boughthis has more than 1000 Content Creators with product expertise in different categories, specially makeup, skincare and fashion/apparel. Our team will configure the right Testimonials Campaign for your brand within your digital strategy and depending on the specific needs of your conversion funnel and customer discovery.

As a part of the Testimonial Campaign you will get all the product testimonials from the different content creators and these content will be yours to use them in your different channels and materials.

Fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you with all the information you need to super power your digital strategy.

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